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we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Jif To Go - Single Serving Peanut Butter Tubs

I like peanut butter when I hike, but for quick weekends I always end up carrying more than I need. Jif now has single serving cups that fit my style perfectly. The only issue is that they have a foil top, so I'll have to be careful about puncturing it when I pack. Still much better than the jar I've been taking. Here are the details...

Jif To Go
Here's the package - it comes with six cups with 2.25 oz net weight.
And a single cup. Each cup weighs 2.5 oz (70 g) full and 1/4 oz (5 g) empty.
And the nutrition info - one cup has 390 calories, or 156 calories/ounce including the container. But now I can throw away the container after I use it, instead of keeping the big PB jar until it's completely empty.

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