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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Old Coast Road and Highway 1 near Big Sur, CA
14 November 2005

We woke up Sunday with nothing to do, so we packed up a quick snack and jumped in the Jeep for a day trip. We followed Highway 1 south of Carmel to Old Coast Road, a dirt road that turns into a Jeep trail and ends in Andrew Molera State Park. After the Jeep trip, we hiked from Highway 1 to the water. Man, it was windy! But we all had a great time, and the kids especially enjoyed the hot chocolate and candy break.

The Jeep trail on Old Coast Road

Light shining through...

We found this Banana Slug by a little waterfall

Bridge over Bixby Creek

Bixby Bridge on Hwy 1

Near the end of Old Coast Road

Ocean-front cow pastures!

The Calla Lilly patch

And mom with the Calla Lillies

Fresh water flowing into the ocean

Looking over the Iceplant patch

Around 1pm we stopped for hot chocolate

Deep in conversation...

Looking North from our hot chocolate break...

And looking South.

Hot Chocolate!

And Lollipops!

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