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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Pics from South Carolina and Georgia Trips

Givhan's Ferry State Park, SC, 9 November 2003

Edisto River, along the Canoe and Kayak Trail.

Brothers with leaves...

Family Collage

Snack Break

Jennifer on the Bridge

And Jeff

And my personal favorite...

Santee State Park, SC, 24 April 2004

The kids at Santee State Park, SC

Watching the fire...

Swimming in the lake.

We found our own mini beach.

I love my Jeep!

Sweat Mountain, Woodstock, GA, 26 March 2005

This is where we camped. In the foreground is a homemade hammock and underquilt. The background is the HH with JRB Nest and 8x8 tarp inside homemade skins.

Another view of the campsite. The shadow across the right side is the top of the creek bed.

Here's the JRB 8x8 tarp over the HH. It was nice weather, so I just made sure it would fit and put it back inside the skins...didn't worry about a tight pitch getting the wrinkles out.

Here's my Hennessy with the JRB Nest, showing how the Python Skins swallow the hammock. The red is my tarp inside homemade skins.

My son took this picture looking straight up from his hammock. Much better than detailing the ripstop pattern inside a tent!

Learning to skip rocks in the creek.

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