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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Blackbishop Sack

I first saw this idea on Blackbishop's hammock at the SEHHA campout in Hot Springs, NC...hence the name. It's just a way to use a stuffsack instead of snakeskins. I think it'll work good because it's easier to stuff than snakeskins (there's no lump in the middle to fidget with) and it fits my insulated hammock and top quilt inside, so I don't need a separate stuffsack for the quilt. And I can hang it up, then pull the hammock out underneath the tarp, and still not get wet. It's also easier to fit inside my pack than the snakeskins bundle.

Two downsides I can think of - First, I can't leave the hammock skinned and stay under the tarp like I can with skins, but I never really did that anyway. If I'm under the tarp, I'm usually at least sitting on the hammock, so that's not really a big loss. Second, this isn't a compression sack, and my Python Skins did a pretty good job of compressing the underquilt. If this were a bigger issue I could just put compression straps on it, but I don't need them.

Weight is also an advantage. JRB Python Skins plus a JRB compression sack for the top quilt total 3 oz, but this weighs only .75 oz (20 g).

I just started with an 18"x34" piece of 1.1 oz silnylon and made a stuff sack.

I used an inner core from 550 cord as the drawstring, and used a hot needle to melt the drawstring hole in the channel. I'll have to replace this with something bigger, though - the cordlock isn't strong enough to keep it closed with this thin cord. An empty 550 cord sheath will probably work well.

The stuffsack has a rectangle bottom. I tried using the button-hole maker on my machine but it kept tangling...I think the material is too thin for it. So I just used the hot needle again to make the bottom hole for the hammock support to pass through.
It looks like it'll provide a bit of protection against some windblown rain when it's hung up. I could also use it for extra storage at night. When I get the hammock bivy finished, I'll probably leave it in here when I'm not using it.
Close-up of the hole when the bag is set up.
This is the DownHammock v2 and Nest top quilt in one small bag. It's about the size of a gallon milk jug.

It's hanging from the support sticking out the top end. Since I'm using the buckle supports for now, I'll just let that extra 3" or so hang out when I pack it up, and I'll put the tree straps in an outer pocket on my pack...probably with my tarp since they may be wet.

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