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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

Bushbuddy (BB) Ultra Stuffsack

I ordered a Bushbuddy Ultra combo with the Firelite Titanium 1100 mL pot from Backpacking Light (BPL). It looks like an awesome set if you like woodburner stoves. It may take a little longer than a snazzy ramjet cannister jet rocket stove, but I'm not in the woods to be in a hurry anyway. Plus, the smells and sounds of a woodburner are much more comforting than the faster stoves, and now I don't have to carry fuel. The combo weighs 8 ounces (.13 oz less than BPL's listed weights)...I could probably save weight with an alcohol stove for a 1-2 night trip, but longer than that and it starts to equal out. And I have a little campfire using twigs instead of a big fire that will scar the ground, I can cook as long as I want to and melt snow without having to worry about fuel, etc. Anyway, it's a good deal for me.

But the pot will get some soot on it from cooking over wood, and BPL sent it in a mesh stuffsack that won't keep the soot off the other gear in my pack. So I made a quick one out of some silnylon I had laying around.

Bushbuddy Ultra Stuffsack
I was going to make a round bottom to fit the round stove, but at this size it wouldn't add any weight to make a square bottom, and it's much easier. Here's the 1100mL pot next to the stuffsack. The bottom of the sack is facing the camera to show how it's squared off.
Just a normal drawstring to keep it closed. I folded down the corners before sewing in the channel so it would have the little notch. No real reason...just wanted to do something different. I scrounged the little cordlock from another stuffsack.
And here's the BB, pot and stuffsack next to a 1L bottle for size comparison. There's still some room inside the sack for a couple odds and ends. I'll probably keep a bandana or nomex glove in there for lifting the pot when it's hot. That would be more multi-use than a pot lifter. And I'll keep my firesteel inside.
Since so many folks are concerned about weights, here they are. My scale is accurate to 1/8 oz and 2 g. Of note, the BB is listed as 5.1 oz (144.6 g) and weighed at 5 oz (140 g), and the pot is listed as 3.03 oz (86 g) and weighed at 3-1/8 oz (90 g). So the total BPL weight (minus the stuffsack) is 8.13 oz (230.48 g) and mine was 8.0 oz (228 g)...looks like BPL's listed weights were accurate.

Item Weight
Bushbuddy Ultra Chamber 4-1/8 oz (116 g)
Bushbuddy Ultra Pot Stand 7/8 oz (24 g)
Firelite Ti Pot (1100 mL) 2-1/2 oz (70 g)
Firelite Lid 3/4 oz (20 g)
Sil Stuffsack 1/4 oz (8 g)
Total Measured 8-3/8 oz (236 g)

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