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Half Underquilt

I like the pairing of the half-insulation in the DownHammock v2 with the torso sized CCF pad to insulate the legs, so that's a proven concept. But I can't fold the hammock in half to sit on it like a lounger, and the only way to adjust the insulation is to flip over to the other end, so it's all or nothing. And I have to sew across the hammock body, which some people aren't comfortable with. So I like the idea of a half-underquilt so I get the best of both worlds. The DownHammock v2 weighs 19 oz including the body, and this half-underquilt weighs 12-3/4 oz w/o hammock or suspension. When it's all finished, I think it'll add ~5 oz to my setup...might be worth it for longer hikes where I need more flexibility, and I can use this quilt on lots of different hammocks. Should work great for a kids underquilt!

I had some pretty involved plans for a half underquilt that I discussed in the Underquilt Ideas thread on Hammock Forums...but I'm not there yet. I still had the first prototype of the DownHammock, with only half the down in it b/c I took the other half to make version 2. So I just shook the down to one end and cut the hammock in half! Then I added drawstring cords on all four edges and hooked it up!

- Finished dimensions of the insulated area are about 48"L x 39"W.
- Weight is 12-3/4 oz, not including attachments. ~6 oz of that is down.
- Loft is 4+" on the bottom, but I don't know if it'll really be that much when I hang it.

Discuss this project HERE.

Half Underquilt v1
From the left side, with my wife napping inside. It insulates from above my head to just below my knees. I'm still playing with the suspension, but I think it's gonna be shock cord attached to the corners and running to the hammock supports, then a piece of shockcord or elasting along the short edges. Shouldn't need too much adjustment since I can pull it completely tight against the hammock without worrying about compression.
From the right side.

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