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PeaPod Hood

I like my PeaPod, but there are a few issues I've had with it:

  • I donít like to enclose myself completely in the PeaPod because of breath condensation, so...
  • When I sleep completely inside the PeaPod with only a small ventilation hole, itís a hassle to keep the hole lined up with my face. And the Velcro scratches my face.
  • When I sleep with my head out of the PeaPod, the Velcro scratches my neck and face.
  • When I move around, the warm air bellows out of the head opening.
  • When I have the Velcro attached tightly around my neck, then move around, it opens up and I have to reseal it

Solution: the PeaPod Hood

  • It's basically a hood with DWR on the outside and a layer of fleece to go against my face.
    • I constructed it with two side panels shaped basically like 1/4 of a circle, then a rectangle that almost comes to a point at the end (think of the silhouette of a pencil with a broken lead). So that's two panels and a rectangle of DWR, and two panels and a rectangle of fleece.
    • I sewed a side panel of DWR to the rectangle, then the rectangle to the other side panel, to make a DWR hood. (Think of Jardine's bomber hat for the basic shape.)
    • Repeat for fleece.
    • Turn the two hoods inside out and put them together, then sew around the perimeter. Be sure not to close the last seam so you can turn it right-side out. Then finish that seam.
    • Sew the Velcro onto the DWR side. Male on one side, female on the other. The strips should extend about 2" beyond the hood, and sew the extended part of the strips together back-to-back.
    • That's it. I was thinking about adding drawstrings on the openings, but after trying it out I don't think it's necessary.
  • Now I can keep the PeaPod completely closed, but still move around without pushing my warm air out. I can roll around and sleep on my side and stomach without worrying about breathing into the down. I can get comfy without the Velcro scratching my neck and face. When it's cold, I can cover my whole face up and stay comfy.
  • It weighs 6 oz (170 g)...quite a bit heavier than I expected. I think using a lighter weigh fleece would really cut that down. Making one from PrimaLoft or down would also reduce the weight, but I like having the fleece against my face.

The PeaPod Hood turned right-side out. The Velcro attaches to the PeaPod's Velcro.

Sure is ugly in this view, huh?

Turned inside out to show the fleece lining that touches my face.
Halfway connected. The Hood's Velcro extends about 2" beyond the hood on both sides, with the backs together, to hold it in place without creating a gap between the Hood and PeaPod.
The bottom opening of the hood when it's connected. The pic is kinda upside down - that opening is where my neck goes, so if I were laying in it my head would be upside down in the picture.
The hood completely installed.
Now I can lay comfortably in the PeaPod with soft fleece touching my face instead of the Velcro. No bellows action to push out my warm air when I move, and I can even cover my whole face without worrying about condensation in the down.

I can still reach above my head to the end of the hammock, stick a pillow under my neck, etc.

I can put my whole head out to cool off or look around without loosing the warm air inside the PeaPod or scratching my neck with Velcro.

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