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"Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose
we came from the woods originally."

- John Muir

WarmHammock Version 1

Also see the WarmHammock Version 2

This WarmHammock is made from untreated Ripstop Nylon from the Walmart bargain bin ($1/yd). The hammock measures 9’x4.5’. I used a rolled hem on all edges, then whipped the ends with 550 cord.

I sewed a pocket along the central portion of the hammock, then stuffed it with a double layer of 1.3” Primaloft insulation, 36”x60”. I baffled the pocket so it wouldn’t compress the insulation, then quilted every 12”. You can see the quilting loops below.

On this model, I didn’t measure the width of the pocket well enough when I attached it so the insulation under my butt compresses so much that I’ll have to redo it. On the next prototype, I plan to put one layer of Primaloft measuring 60”x40”, and another measuring 36”x40”. This should give me adequate insulation while reducing bulk.

I used Risk’s WarmHammock design and made only minor changes for this prototype.

WarmHammock without ridgeline and with JRB Python Skins.
Quilting on side of WarmHammock
Underside of WarmHammock. The corner is where the bottom flap is sewn to hold the insulation inside. The puckered spots are the quilting.
Inside the WarmHammock.

You can see where the insulations ends near the end.

Outside of WarmHammock while occupied. You can see the baffles holding the insulation. They’re a bit too tight and the insulation compresses on the bottom of the hammock.
I attached a ridgeline. This was more sag than I normally get in a hammock, but it sure was comfortable...odd place to find a sweet spot.

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